The Cambridgeshire Fens

Fiery sunset over the Ouse washes in Welney
Sun setting over the Ouse Washes in Welney

The lovely scenery you see surrounding the cottage is the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire fens. Once an area of boggy marshland dotted with small hilltop settlements, the fens were drained hundreds of years ago and the landscape became a patchwork of farmland.

Areas of natural marshland have been preserved at Welney Wash and Wicken Fen, and these reserves along with the fens' many natural and man made waterways help to support a rich and diverse eco-system. Welney Wash is a flood plain and natural marshland by the cottage. Every winter the Ouse Washes flood as rainwater is pumped from the surrounding farmland and attracts tens of thousands of migratory birds to nest in the marshlands. Huge flocks of mute and whooper swans gather on freshly lifted beet fields, a sight which enchants tourists, photographers and locals alike. The Welney Wildlife Centre is a must visit for nature lovers.

One of the most delightful advantages of living in the fens is the huge skies, from the sweeping blues of a clear summer day to the dazzling star shows on a crisp winter night. The one thing we never take for granted however is the sunsets! Most nights we're treated to a stunning sunset to the West. Head over to the wash in the evening to take in the beautiful reflections as the sun slowly sets, or watch from the garden of the cottage with a glass of wine.